The Future of Video Games

Discuss what gaming might look like ten years down the line, based on how gaming has changed in the last ten years (ie. consoles, genres, pc, gameplay, etc.).

  • Ten years is... uhh, wow. That's a lengthy period of time. It's easy to overlook the Wii's contribution to games due to hindsight, but if you remember, motion controls were huge and innovative. Even before that, even if we laugh at it now, the switch to polygon-based graphics was deemed "artistic" and "high-quality". Word to the wise: games can remain pretty stagnant (2009-2014) and then have a huge burst of change (motion controls, media integration). An article that gives me a slow and steady timeline, I will personally have deleted. Okay, not really, but you get the point. It wouldn't be realistic to think of changes that way. – Austin 9 years ago
  • Austin, you are a very intense person! I agree with you, whoever writes this would do well to stay away from a timeline, as it is very difficult to predict exactly how things will pan out. Instead of trying to make a fixed timeline, it might be nice to paint a theoretical picture of how we might refine some of the already existing prototypes. I'm thinking of things like the oculus rift. It is important to consider how many technologies converge to make new products. – dannyjs 9 years ago
  • Looking at the future of virtual reality seems like the most obvious direction. Look at the possible ramifications of this. – Joseph Manduke IV 9 years ago
  • I honestly don't see this as a viable topic. "Video Games" in general is a huge arc, with numerous updates and changes pending and, as Austin already stated, moving in bursts more than steady changes. Perhaps this would be more manageable if broken down to, say, a specific genre, or a look at Nintendo's new system, or something of that sort. This is just a little broad to really be helpful as-is, though. – Christopher Vance 9 years ago

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