The Healing and transformational value in film

In trauma work, I find that people can get stuck in grief and loss. I see value in films that that can be viewed and then critically applied to their individual situation so they can see the vitalization from that transformation. Any current fil suggestions that would be helpful in this process?

  • Hi, whilst I don't have any films that spring to mind at this moment, I did come across an interesting article from a woman who experienced sexual abuse for many years growing up. She said that Nabokov's Lolita really allowed her to come to terms with her painful experience because it juxtaposed incredibly monstrous acts of child molestation with beautiful scenery and gorgeous writing. Sometimes it is the works of art that seem contrary to a persons own suffering that resonate the most strongly and provide a platform from which people who have suffered any type of emotional trauma can overcome. – Coltrane93 7 years ago
  • During my undergrad, I wrote an introductory English paper on the Japanese people finding healing following Nagasaki and Hiroshima through Godzilla (1954). There is some interesting scholarship in regards to the imagery included in the film and decisions made by the filmmakers to have the scientist defeat the monster. I am not able to find the original paper, but I do remember using Steve Ryfle's "Godzilla's Footprint". There are scholars who argue Godzilla is much more than just a monster movie. Now obviously it would be a difficult film to use as it sort of applies to one specific situation, but it might be interesting to do a bit of reading on it! – AloraP 7 years ago

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