The Impact of Format Changes on Nostalgic Nickelodeon

Most people who grew up in the late 1980s through the 1990s fondly remember Nickelodeon. The shows produced in this era were part of the network’s Golden Age, and fans’ appreciation has led Nick to bring some of them back. Two popular Nick shows, Hey Arnold and Legend of the Hidden Temple, are coming back in the near future. However, Hey Arnold is coming back as a live-action film. Legends will take the form of a TV movie whose adventurous plot is somewhat loosely based on the original game show. Will these format changes wreck what fans loved about these shows, or will they bring fresh perspectives to the table? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these format changes.

  • I didn't even know these were happening! Remakes/reboots are such a big thing nowadays, so I like how this topic is very focused on a specific aspect of the nostalgia-movement. The emphasis on the formats would also create an easy way for the writer to stay analytical rather than it devolving into an opinion-based rant or hype train. – DrNinjaBaljeet 7 years ago

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