The impact of Netflix on our viewing habits

Netflix has become enormously popular and universally used thereby opening doors to many new series and even having series exclusive to it such as Daredevil, Mindhunter etc… Netflix has revolutionised our watching habits because of this and has made the concept of ‘binging’ a television series more commonplace. Discuss its impact on not only our viewing habits but in the entertainment industry as a whole.

  • My initial reaction is to say that the "binge" culture that Netflix contributes too is negative because it can reinforce the need for instant gratification, but I also see the benefits of streaming services for the entertainment industry in general. Prior to Netflix, premium channels such as HBO and Showtime seem to be the only outlets for for a new series or comedy special with fewer content restraints than basic cable channels. Shows like Orange is the New Black and Stranger Things found homes with Netflix, securing funding and meeting few restrictions on graphic content which has led to some amazing viewing. My question would be - is there any accurate data that suggests binging shows is contributing to more of a need for instant gratification? And if so, is it worth it to receive great content through Netflix and Hulu originals? – Aaron 7 years ago
  • I think the biggest impact that Netflix has brought into our society is that you can download, stream and play anything from their massive list of content anytime, anywhere. Think about it. We used to wait everyday to 8PM to watch our favorite shows, and had to wait until the next day for the next episode. We do not have to wait anymore, and we can even be watching at home, in the bus, in the train, in the car, in the patio, really anywhere. We do not have to wait for anything, we do not have commercial breaks, and we can stop a show halfway in because we did not like it, and switch to another one in a matter of seconds. Our viewing habits in 2017 can be summarized into one sentence, "we have complete freedom on our viewing habits". – andresfett 7 years ago
  • I literally just submitted a topic regarding this! I think it is beyond interesting and many people seem to be completely divided on the idea. Sure it's a great idea on paper but what's the affect in reality. – Emily 6 years ago

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