The Impact of Time Dilation in Movies and TV

Analyse the impact of time dilation in movies like "Interstellar" and the "White Christmas" episode in Black Mirror (There are many examples: Dr Stone is an example of an anime) where large amounts of time is skipped for the audience but is experienced by the characters. There is also the idea of suspended animation, where characters are suspended (think Avatar, Passengers) and time passes without their knowledge, meaning everyone they left behind has died. How does the passing of time impact the audience in different examples of media? How is this "trope", for lack of a better word, used effectively?

  • "Arrival" would be a great addition to the analysis as well, since its representation of the passage of time is very unique. I also would like to more about the argument this is presenting though. What does "used effectively" mean? What is the intent behind using this device and what is the goal effect on the audience? – gwyndalin 10 months ago

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