The importance of a 'Crazy' character on TV.

Discuss the show ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’.
Rebecca Bunch is not your typical heroine or female role model protagonist in a series. The title of the show literally refers to her as ‘crazy’ and the show starts off with her moving across the country to stalk her ex-boyfriend to play tricks and games in hopes to make him fall in love with her. Yeah sure, she behaves crazy and insane and is completely delusional but is there something profoundly powerful in her character as well? Is she a positive and strong female character for viewers? In this past season she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and the last few episodes dealt with her trying to understand and work through her new diagnosis. Often women have been labelled as ‘crazy’ by ex-boyfriends or men in general to excuse their own behaviour or to diminish the validity of women’s claims. What is this show tackling in using the word ‘crazy’ and what is the importance of Rebecca Bunch’s role on television?

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