The Importance of Love

Exploring what love, in its many facets, means. Its forms, its importance and its significance and evolution over time.

  • I personally believe that love means something different to everyone. I cannot say that love means the same for me as it does for you or the next person. What I strongly believe in is that it is universal and it can come from anywhere. I also believe that animals feel exactly how we feel. They feel pain, love and fear just like us humans. It's amazing how we are all different yet so alike. That baffles me so much its crazy. About the importance of love: It is VERY important! without love I don't think we can function. It challenges us, makes us who we are, gives us something to look forward to and a sense of fulfilment. Not to mention it makes us feel important and wanted which I think is needed for a persons mental health and in their day to day life. If you think about it love is all around us; it is almost always the central theme for everything such as movies, music and art. I love it because it is always encouraged and it is the end goal for our lives. To find love and to be loved. It is so personal yet so intimate. It can be honest yet deceiving. Scary yet thrilling when you are in love. I highly recommend listening to the lectures of Alan Watts who was a philosopher, they are available on YouTube. He covers many topics including love. It is worth checking out, it changed me for the better. – claraaa 5 years ago
  • I feel as if this topic needs to be more specific to a certain forum. Are you discussing love in terms of novels? Television? Film? Is this ways it is portrayed realistically or unrealistically? More specificity would definitely help make this topic easier for an author to write on. – LilyaRider 5 years ago

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