The influence of Tumblr culture on literature

Each time I log into Tumblr, I see short clips of poetry written by people as young as thirteen all the way up to adulthood. There are gifsets of film adaptations of famous works, such as Pride and Prejudice, all over the website, with thousands of notes and opinions below them. People share the books they hated, the books that changed their lives, the books that have been favorites since childhood. Historical background is given on different stories and rhetorical strategies and writing styles, such as Shakespeare writing in iambic pentameter because it matches the heartbeat’s rhythm. Tumblr has begun to become an epicenter of literary conversation and influence. What does this say about the digital/millenial generation, and the creation of art and passions?

  • I think this is interesting because of it bypasses the normal approach to literary discussion and criticism. Until now, literary criticism has been the sole domain of a particular class of respected college graduates. It will be important to explore in this article the old structure of literary discussion (based on the foundation of scholarly articles, books, and such) and compare/contrast it with the rise of tumblr as a forum for sharing ideas about literature. While I would avoid being judgmental about either the new or the old, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both, and how they might be able to coincide for a more productive and inclusive literary community. – OddballGentleman 9 years ago
  • The Tumblr culture is one that breaks barriers in culture today. This website allows one to be anonymous and to post what they really are feeling and to express their thoughts of controversial topics within judgement (most of the time) Tumblr, in my eyes, is definitely ground breaking. It allows the expression of individuality without the fear of caring essentially. I believe this says that this opens up the gates of getting more information about views on topics and sometimes merely entertainment. out there and that is a huge thing for our society to have. – caitlinndwyer 9 years ago

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