The Interactions Between the Film Composer and the Director - Making the Music Match the Movie

Music is a crucial part in creating and enhancing the mood, themes and overall atmosphere of a movie, and without it, many of the popular films we know and love would have a completely different feeling. However, the interaction between the composer and the director can often be very scarce, even close to nonexistent. Indeed, the composer can receive the movie after everything has been completed, and with only a few weeks to create the entire score so that it fits perfectly with each scene. On the other end of the spectrum, the director may send sections of the movie to the composer at a time, meaning that making the musical connections of each part of the movie and tying themes together can be a near nightmare for the composer. How exactly does all of this pushing and pulling manage to come together to create the masterpieces that we see on screen?

  • This would certainly be fascinating to write about as the soundtrack can greatly enhance the impact of certain films looking at composers like John Williams with countless films and even a more contemporary form of composition like with Arcade Fire in Her. I think the collaboration aspect of it is also very important to consider when creating the entire piece. Nice topic, would love to see it brought to life. – Callum Logie 7 years ago
  • Really interesting topic, as soundtracks can make or break a film in my opinion. The importance of music in film is definitely underestimated. Most great movies have great music. – Charlie 7 years ago

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