The Mainstreaming of Dungeons & Dragons

An analysis of the rise in popularity of D&D from seeing the stereotype be a bunch of nerdy white guys in a basement to celebrated shows like Critical Role, Dimension 20, The Adventure Zone, etc. that feature celebrities and qpoc without stigma. Personally, I don’t know what sparked it, though I remember D&D being in Community and Stranger Things, so popular TV shows might have helped with its rise? Of course, it’s not the totally within the mainstream, but I feel like D&D has broken out of its niche (from nerdy white male gatekeeping), and the community is full of women and qpoc living out their nerdy dreams now which is lovely.

  • I'd be interested in seeing how the recent popularity of DnD tracks with the rise and mainstreaming of superhero movies (esp. Marvel), and if it's reflective of a broader normalization of what used to be considered "nerd culture." – elliotb 6 months ago

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