The Marvelous Mrs.Maisel, and why its good

Write about "The Marvelous Mrs.Maisel", why its good, and why it should be watched. A relatively simple story, featuring a woman going against what was expected of her at that time, how she struggles against the norms and how she is trying to be independent at a time when women were expected to be accessories to their husbands.

  • I haven't seen the TV series to have a solid opinion on it, but I think the better way to approach this topic is avoiding writing "because it's good" "because it should be watched", this doesn't contribute to how it can be written and give any ideas for others to write on the article. My suggestion is to instead aim to look for what it did right and how it succeeded in what it touched on with its subjects, which as from what it describes, can offer a lot in its topic. – N.D. Storlid 6 years ago
  • An excellent short series. Beyond the pitfalls of becoming a stand-up comic is the lead character's family, Lenny Bruce, and the story development. I was hoping for more. – Joseph Cernik 6 years ago

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