The Modern Attempt to be Old-Fashioned

Analyze the ideology behind attempting to capitalize on nostalgia and how it has effected the film industry. This includes remakes, Quentin Tarantino, and the B-list aesthetic.

  • This is absolutely everywhere, and is a super broad, big idea in my opinion--a really good one!--but definitely too big to effectively analyze in one article. A more narrow focus (like remakes, Tarantino, B-aesthetic, etc.) following a broad intro to the overall topic might be more successful and ultimately more exciting/enjoyable to read. For sure a pervasive part of the zeitgeist that many people would be interested in and probably benefit from, haha. – skohan 6 years ago
  • I think this would be a great and interesting article. I have definitely noticed how modern culture has adopted a love for old things. It's very fashionable to wear certain things that clearly have a relation to old-fashioned styles. Music also has been taking a lot of older styles and bringing them to the surface again. It would be cool to discuss the influence on music and clothing, not just film. But those could be separate articles, even, because you could go into great detail about each thing. – Wordmaster 6 years ago
  • I would say that the capitalization on nostalgia is due to a longing for the "good old days". I feel that a majority of the population sees the world as a hectic, overwhelming place, while the "old days" were a much simpler time. The next generation always falls short of the previous generation's expectations, and the next generation always longs for the perceived simplicity of the previous generation. It is a very circular view. I believe the use of this in film is simply an attempt to relate with this nostalgia. – DKdaVinci615 6 years ago

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