The Moral Spectrum of Characters in Fantasy

‘Bad guy’ protagonists and ‘good guy’ antagonists. What fantasy heroes do you think of as anti-heroes or morally grey? What fantasy villains do you think were sympathetic or in the right? Explore the moral spectrum of different characters in fantasy and share the ones you thought were unique to the genre.

  • Firstly, no one "dwells into" things, they "dwell on" thoughts or "dwell in" caves. Secondly, I'm not 100% on what topic you're trying to delve into here. An exploration of the introduction of a moral spectrum in the fantasy genre? – Austin 9 years ago
  • I altered it to 'dwell' because of I received this: Revision Rather than saying 'I am particularly interested', you can reword the sentence as 'Dwell into the graying area of morality...' – YsabelGo 17 hours ago I will return it to what it was originally and clarify the topic motive. – ChrisKeene 9 years ago

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