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The Need of Shipping in Fandom

Typically, in a fandom community fans will feel the need to ‘ship’ or wish for two characters to be in a romantic relationship. Movie Studios even have picked up on this and themed merchandise for ship (i.e. Twilight and Team Edward or Jacob.) But why? What does a romantic relationship do or not do for a story? Why do some fans feel the need to protect their ship?

Of particular note could be Harry Potter, Twilight, and most recently the Avengers.

  • Could also be interesting to look at shipping in terms of sexuality as well. For example, the Cumberbatch Sherlock and Watson relationship has a very strong fanbase, as well as shipping between Beca and Chloe from Pitch Perfect, despite the fact that it's indicated (in Pitch Perfect at least) that the characters are opposite-gender attracted. – Hannah Spencer 9 years ago

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