The Pacing and Possibilities of Charlotte

In the recently concluded anime Charlotte, we are taken through many, often highly emotional, twists and turns with the plot, and while there is no denying that the storyline was both entertaining and emotionally wrenching, the ending of the show was unbelievably fast. I think there is a lot to explore about Yuu’s journey, in which he travelled the world, earned a badass nickname, lost almost all sense of self, and essentially became a god and was ultimately condensed into one episode. What makes this even stranger is the very slow pacing of the first half of the series. I would suggest exploring what a more detailed look at the events of the last few episodes would be like if this series had been two-cour instead of one, or if the first few episode of the series had been slightly more condensed to allow for more time at the end of the series.

  • I'm currently doing this in a larger article that I've been working on for a while! I don't address what would have happened if it were spread over two cours though. Anyone looking for some of the former part of the topic can take a look for some of my own insight. Charlotte was such a huge ball of lost potential. but I enjoyed it nonetheless. – Austin 9 years ago

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