The Popularity of Broadway's Hamilton

Hamilton has become THE hit show on Broadway since its debut last summer. Examine the reasons – both obvious and not – for the sweeping sensation this show has had on American consciousness, why it has succeeded as a hit over other Broadway shows, and what that says about American theater today.

  • Hamilton looks like a fascinating musical. I would love to read the input an author may have on it! – enizzari 8 years ago
  • As someone with a mild obsession with the show, I can't say enough about how much this musical has got me interested in history. For the majority of my school years, history was presented as a passionless, textbook driven subject based on memorization and regurgitation of information (that was heavily edited and condensed). I think one of the real strengths of Hamilton is the way it really fleshes out the characters (particularly Hamilton, Eliza, and Burr), to the point that I have done independent research and tried to learn more about these people and their lives, outside of the few events passingly mentioned in school history books. – chrischan 8 years ago
  • Yes, definitely write about it! Make sure you add how it reflects American values. – vpano94 7 years ago
  • Some obvious reasons: there's a lack of representation of racial minorities in Broadway. This show proved to critics that (yes) actors and actresses of color should be placed in the center of shows, and they're profitable (some critics said casting people of color would affect ticketing); people of color can be placed in any show and shine. Another reason is that Lin-Manuel Miranda is good at what he does; there's a lot going on in Hamilton's lyrics (e.g. rhythm, puns). Also, like others have said, Hamilton puts an interesting twist on American history by getting a personal look at one of our Founding Fathers. – seouljustice 7 years ago

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