The Prevalence of "Bad Feminists"

The recent short story collection, "Bad Feminist", was a gigantic success and put feminism in the media spotlight again. And to me, this was an important step in mending the image crisis of feminism. The author doesn’t pretend she has the answer for every feminist quandary, such as not wanting the guy to pay for dinner but still being a little disappointed when he doesn’t. I think it’d be fascinating to analyze the rise of these Bad Feminist who, while not knowing the solutions to every problem, still recognize there is one and want to help change it.

  • Roxane Gay's book was a great way to talk about feminism without bringing up the perception of feminists as militant man-haters, as so often happens in the media. I think it could be great to give a brief history or feminism, like the differences in first-wave, second-wave, etc. and talk about how "Bad Feminist" fits in. – Marcie Waters 9 years ago
  • I think you should also touch on the term "Nazi Feminist." That label is thrown around so much and I think it relates because people use this term to call someone a "bad feminist." – OrchideousFleur 9 years ago

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