The Pros and Cons of Exclusives

Compare the pros and cons of exclusives and the effect of exclusives on gaming. Exclusives may promote a console, but it also alienates gamers who do not have a certain console. Also, look at the effect of time exclusives, as well as third party exclusives. Should exclusives be limited to new IP’s, such as ‘The Last Of Us’, or already established series? ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ got a lot of negative feedback when it was first announced as an Xbox One exclusive (now known to be a timed exclusive) since the rebooted ‘Tomb Raider’ was already established on PC and PlayStation consoles.

Are exclusives a hindrance to gaming, a benefit, or both?

  • When it comes to exclusives, often promoting their own system is the idea. But at the same time too, if every game was available for every system, most people would just port it to the PC. That's often a common criticism of most Xbox games since its microsoft. Another possible point to bring up its just the cynical attitude of console exclusives to such extremes. One perfect example I can think of is that one person actually petitioned Nintendo to bring Smash Bros 3DS to the PS Vita because they didn't want to play it on an "inferior" console. I am NOT kidding. So for me, maybe talk about how the complaints can be very one sided given today's high expectations of game availability. – Ryan Walsh 9 years ago
  • This may slightly branch off from your topic, but one other idea to look into when looking at exclusives is content in videogames reserved for specific systems. Much like how Microsoft bought timed exclusivity for Microsoft or PlayStation bought permanent exclusivity with Street Fighter V, companies like to make deals with developers to have content playable only on their systems to encourage gamers to pick their consoles. On another note more close to your topic, it might also be important to look at how many original IPs are being made compared to old franchises. Most developers prefer to continue existing franchises (Gears of War, Halo, Uncharted, Mario, etc.) rather than create new ones, which also makes companies bank on the success of previous successes to continue to bring back gamers to their systems. – Seth Childers 9 years ago

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