The Rise in Popularity of Vigilante Movies

Explore the increasing popularity of vigilante movies and what it says about our society/culture.

Possible Movies to explore:
– Comic books movies (such as Batman; the Punisher, Kick-Ass etc)
– The Taken series
– The Equalizer
– The Brave One

  • Would be interesting to see this include an analysis of the power dynamic between the vigilante and society. To what extent is vigilantism on screen the product of the vigilante's powerlessness in society and lack of available legitimate options, and how much of our enjoyment of vigilante movies is based on our own sense of helplessness against societal infrastructures? – Monique 9 years ago
  • Monique's points are all terrific. Another thing to support the notion that these types of films are popular box office numbers. Whoever decides to right on this would be wise to use the popular of vigilante movies in identifying the societal significance of them. – Giovanni Insignares 9 years ago
  • Double-dipping here, sorry -- it might also be interesting to look at the differences between male and female vigilantes. Are men "allowed" more violence in their vigilantism? Do the different genders have different vigilante goals? Are they portrayed differently in terms of moral standing? – Monique 9 years ago
  • Yes to the above. On screen in general might be good as well because then you could look at things like Arrow (which is immense, but also has both male and female vigilantes in and the women are more violent) – Francesca Turauskis 9 years ago
  • I would like to see a comparison to some of the previous vigilante films that became popular in the 80s such as Death Wish. Is there something in our current culture that has brought this sub-genre back? – Liz Watkins 9 years ago

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