The Rise of LOLRANDOM HUMOR And What It Means For Creators And Consumers Alike

With the advent of not only the Internet, but content-creating parties based entirely in the web, a new type of humor has arisen: LOLRANDOM HUMOR. LOLRANDOM HUMOR, so aptly named by one of my friends, is oftentimes a blitzkrieg of images, sounds, non-sequitur tactics, and other various "wacky" items from the grab-bag of Internet Comedy. Examples of this kind of humor can be seen in Vines, popular YouTube Comedy Channels, and virtually any message board of the World Wide Web. With this kind of comedy becoming so prolific, what could it entail for the future of humor, at least in pop culture, as a whole? Is this brand of humor harmless, or could it be the marker of the end of what we know as comedy today? Analyze what this could do to both up-and-coming content creators and consumers alike, and discuss whether or not this kind of humor is destined to be a simple characteristic of contemporary culture that is sure to give way to something else, or if it’s around to stay for good.

  • Thug life videos! Those are hilarious. I don't think this "new" type of humor is going to get rid of the old type. I think people will still enjoy more formal types of comedy like standup. Also, I think a lot of those forms of comedy have existed, it's just that they haven't been widely available. For example, my friends and I have always done stupid things, said stupid things, put together funny things, but the difference is no one was recording. So once the moment passed it was gone and we could not share it with anyone else. – Tatijana 9 years ago
  • I think LOLRANDOM HUMOR is just adding another category to humor - people find absurdity funny and that's what people are taking advantage of. It's similar to TV programming, as some people prefer shows with laugh tracks such as The Big Bang Theory (although they use a real audience), and some people prefer more 'sophisticated' humor such as Community. It's all about preference! – YsabelGo 9 years ago

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