The Rise of Period Dramas

Period dramas are found everywhere TV series and films can be streamed. It’s interesting to see how this genre is shaped and approached.

  • This topic definitely needs some refinement; what about period dramas now, in 2020 is different from period dramas in the past? Are the people making them different, or is the content different itself? Where is this "rise" occurring? – sknauf29 2 years ago
  • maybe you could start of with period dramas from like the 60s or whatever era you decide and how it has it changed within 2020. what so different now ? or you could look at why some people still watch those shows – Zahra Arshad 2 years ago
  • While these dramas are very popular in viewership, there is often an issue with the historical accuracy of these productions in re-enactment of the period. – Amatur18 2 years ago

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