The role of philosophy in videogames

Bioshock and objectivism. Braid and determinism. Senua’s sacrifice and free will. Videogames frequently borrow concepts and tropes and sometimes are based entirely around philosophies. In what is eventually a limited medium – as one has to ‘win’ the game – is this a misguided attempt to elevate an ultimately flawed art form? Or can videogames be an entry point towards encouraging philosophical thought in others?

  • While this topic would be very interesting, it would be very broad to apply philosophy to 'video games' generally, but could be very interesting if written as specific articles focusing on a certain game or genre of game and relating a philosophical theory or thought to it in that way. Although this area is something I would definitely like to see more of at The Artifice. – Nodgnal 6 years ago
  • I think "one has to 'progress through' the game" is fairer because maybe getting stuck is the point of some games. Or other games like The Stanley Parable or Until Dawn finish no matter what you do. I think this is a good topic though and l suspect the case will be that philosophy can absolutely be explored through video games. I look forward to seeing some obvious and less obvious examples about video games that do this. – CallMeMaybe 6 years ago

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