The Romantic Comedy Hollywood Formula

Analyze the reasons why Hollywood has used it to death, predict how much longer they will use it, and what sort of plot seems to be taking over the big film business these days.

  • Romantic comedies are pretty much known to be 'feel good' movies. We see a couple struggle or try to get together and feel happy when they succeed. The only movie I can think of where the guy doesn't get the girl but comes in terms with himself is '500 Days of Summer.' This could be an example of how it breaks the formula, or just be an example of a movie that tries to deviate but still keep the audience happy with the results. – YsabelGo 7 years ago
  • They follow a long tradition of cozy-literature. I'd ask less of romantic comedies, and more of the psychology behind the success of such stories. If you think the film industry has done them to death, then don't even look at mass market fiction. Monthly Harlequin's are still successful on top of cozy mysteries, comfort fiction, and the base-level romance books. I'd honestly love an article on the rationalization behind consistently enjoying the same story. We all do it, it's one of the cons that came with Campbell's monomyth, but some of these publishers and studios take it beyond the Nth degree --which surprisingly isn't tumor-inducing. – Travis Cohen 7 years ago
  • A good starting place for this article could be to list the common formulas used; for example boy, meets, girl boy looses girl. Then select the corresponding film that uses this formula. Follow up with demonstrating the applied formula. I agree with Travis that the psychology of the formula should be examined. Something to the affect of what need is being met with these formulas? Or better yet what agenda is being promoted here that will keep the mainstream viewers funding these formulas? You could conclude with the possibility of new formulas on the horizon with sexual fluidity becoming a little more available to the mainstream audience. – Venus Echos 7 years ago

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