The Transition from Internet Content Creation to More Traditional Media

Examine artists who have taken successful careers from internet niches (E.L. James, Kris Straub, etc.) and how they pivoted from this success to a more mainstream kind of fame. E.L. James took a Twilight fanfiction and turned it into a successful novel trilogy with barely any edits. Kris Straub turned his Candle Cove creepypasta into a successful Syfy original series. What goes into the process of bringing the internet into line with traditional media?

  • It might also be interesting to discuss the Slender Man movies, mainly the Sony one. It did moderately well financially but was critically panned. How do we define success when it comes to transitioning internet content to more traditional forms? Financial success, creative integrity, heavy reliance on the source material, or some combination of all of these? – Emily Deibler 4 years ago
  • An interesting topic to explore could be the trend of YouTube creators writing books. Many are often very heavily criticised. Many of these people, perhaps, would never have considered writing before finding Internet fame. What is it about the medium of books? Is it easy to break into? Is it widely popular? Is it something about the physicality of books? Is the trend just that, a trend, people seeing others being successful so doing it too? – leersens 4 years ago

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