The UNDeification of Donald Trump

Suggest processes to disenchant the religious right from their erstwhile savior, Donald Trump. Breakdown not only how his personal beliefs and behaviors, as broadcast daily on TV, conflict with Christianity’s supposed mores, but also how the use of the media to foster identifying with this false messiah is truly harming modern evangelicalism and religion in general.

  • I appreciate the sentiment behind this topic -- in fact, I endorse the intent of this proposed article. However, keep in mind that such a theme might be best approached by toning down the inflamed rhetoric a notch or two. If the writing is only intended to "preach to the choir" of individuals sympathetic to the presented ideas, then it won't reach the audience who most needs to consider this perspective. A more objective or even neutral tone that nonetheless explores the oxymoronic dualities betweenTrump's walk and Trump's talk might stand a better chance of effecting a change in perspective from those most in need of reassessing allegiance. – MarkTodd 3 years ago
  • Thank you, Mark Todd! Good input. I’ll consider this in a rewrite. – Andantemaestroso 3 years ago

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