The X-Files Character Juxtaposition

Chris Carter, upon making the main concepts of the show, ensured that the two main characters would be in opposition of one another. The series includes character Dana Scully, a skeptic, and Fox Mulder, a true believer. The juxtaposition of each of their characterizations adds to the series conflict. By creating both external and interior conflict, the writers create an intriguing and thought provoking series.

  • "Laurel and Hardy," the comedy show hugely famous during the first half of the 20th century, was translated to Spanish as "El gordo y el flaco" (the fat guy and the skinny guy). Since that early moment in television entertainment, it was clear that the main characters of a TV show would create a more appealing interaction if they were opposed to each other in some way. Sometimes the difference is physical, sometimes it is intellectual. Sometimes their personality is different. Sometimes their difference is their values. And sometimes their difference is their gender. And sometimes is all of the above. – T. Palomino 4 weeks ago

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