The X-Files Revival

What can X-Files fans expect when the series returns for a limited run?

  • The fans are going to make comparsion to the orginal series and the show will go for a season or two..flounder then get canned. I don't think the producer will have done enough research to know what the fans really like. – sanjay 7 years ago
  • I've been a fan of this show for over 20 years now. I watched it every week since it first debuted. I've seen both movies in the theater on opening day, and I loved both. I'm excited to see my favorite characters come back and to finally get to see some new episodes of the show that I love. While there are some fans out there who are already critical, already listing the many ways the new season will go bad, I like to think I am in the majority: a life-long fan excited to see my favorite show come back. – apbinne 7 years ago

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