The XXI Century Films that Will Become Classics

Nowadays, the Hollywood system seems to be overshadowing the power of an auteur; everything is about the money. However, the indie film industry has been creating a new generation of auteurs that are making potential classics. There are hidden gems behind the Hollywood blockbusters that will someday become classics. The visibility of these types of movies has increased due to the growth of people’s interest in film festivals and the film world. Movies like "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" by Schnabel, and "Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind" by Gondry are the perfect examples of the pictures that are defining this generation. I want you to explore what makes a movie a "classic" and to find if there is a common thread among these movies.

  • If you are going to discuss what XXI century films will become classics, certain terms will need to be defined. What do you mean by classic? Is it a film that audiences watch as serious cinephiles? Is it a film that has garnered a cult following? Which directors are auteurs and how is that term now defined? – ptoro 8 years ago

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