Theatre elements in Wes Anderson films

Wes Anderson said that although he loved theatre, he never had the chance to do stage work; but many of his films incorporate a theatre play or have a very theatrical mise-en-scène. He demands a lot of his actors, privileged long takes to allow them to play the scene fully an during a long time, as if they were on stage.
Study the theatrical elements of some Anderson’s films (costumes, sets, performance) and look at the influence of theatre practices on his style. Look at how he portrays theatre as well – is he admirative? ironic? a little mocking?

  • It would also be helpful to seek recurring themes in Anderson's films and how they incorporate within a theatrical mise en scene. – Ryan Errington 8 years ago
  • Cool topic. It, however, may be helpful to focus specifically on certain films (best of the best, chronological etc.) and how they fit into his filmography. Better yet, how they stand out compared to most modern movies. – Thomas Munday 8 years ago
  • thomas has a good point- you should also perhaps limit what types of theatre you'll discuss? narrow it down maybe to a few playwrights instead of general "theatre". – cheltaylor 8 years ago

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