Theatrics of Cooking

Does a TV chef’s professional profile (author, entrepreneur, sponsor, connoisseur) exclusively contribute to the show or does the food selection, recipe delivery, or recording location dominate the screen and the script? Consider the fame and background of celebrities that cater to the palette through TV, radio, book, or film:┬áMartha Stewart, Nigella Lawson, Julia Child, and Rachael Ray.

  • This sounds like it would make an interesting to read. Focusing in on several different chefs and how they have presented themselves. Say, Graham Kerr contrasted with Julia Child and whether it matters whatever it is they are preparing because their personalities may matter more than the food. – Joseph Cernik 5 years ago
  • I think it's all of the above but a lot of the theatrics of cooking shows come from relatability of cooking. – samschroe 5 years ago
  • I think a lot that goes into the portrayal of a TV chef is the stories they tell as they're preparing food. Most TV chef's have a conversational, easygoing, and relatable way of talking. It's all about how they deliver themselves to the viewer. I think what's also important is how they make cooking appear something that the viewer can also replicate in his or her own kitchen. They make cooking something that isn't super over complicated but something entertaining to watch and learn from. – jay 5 years ago

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