Themes in Stargate TV series

The Stargate series is a military sci-fi TV series that debuted in 1997 as Stargate SG-1 and has two spin off series (Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe). While the series does a fairly good job of exploring the unknown and coming to understand what we on Earth are a part of among countless galaxies, I want to know what themes can be found underneath the general overall theme I mentioned.

  • Might be interesting to analyze the concepts of xenophobia and control as themes. The foundation premise of Stargate is that the entire universe was seeded with humans so that the Goa'uld would have host bodies. (Preferably, beautiful hosts.) When a Goa'uld takes a host body, the host is no longer in control of themselves and become an unwilling witness to the Goa'uld's acts. It's a powerful commentary on both the loss of control and fear of Other -- the thread could be expanded to look at the parallels of addiction or the more xenophobic idea that outside ideas will infect and destroy a person and turn them against loved ones. – Monique 9 years ago

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