Things Carnal and Bloody: The Appeal of the "Lower Pleasures"

It seems that in many television series produced for mature audiences, there is an abundance of explicitness, whether it be in gory violence or raunchy romance. Especially in HBO shows such as Game of Thrones, True Detective, and Rome, all of these rather "carnal" appeals almost dominate the shows. It is almost as if these themes are what define these series. What is it about such adult themes that makes these shows popular? Do they take away from the show’s overall message? Are there shows that don’t even seem to have a message beyond explicitness for entertainment?

  • For other possible examples, Spartacus is another show with a large amount of explicit violence and sex. – Emily Deibler 8 years ago
  • It may also be worth noting the background for those examples you have noted, such as Game of Thrones being based from the books, and observe other elements that indicate where the interest from the audience has been focused. – N.D. Storlid 8 years ago

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