Time-Period Drama Television

Although most of todays time-period drama’s are fiction—Call the Midwife, Downton Abbey, Reign, Peaky Blinders ect—just how accurate are they? I love the feeling that I am witnessing something similar to past times and learning a bit of history, but are we being fooled? I am curious to how much of the fashion, language, visual surroundings, politics, events and controversies are true to the time and place of the storylines.

  • Compelling idea: I would, however, hone in on just one or two specific examples to illustrate your point (perhaps a good one and a bad one) – Luthien 7 years ago
  • I would also explore such time-period dramas as The Crimson Field and WPC56. Both offer a unique outlook on the time periods they explore and the settings that they choose. The Crimson Field takes place in a makeshift hospital near the front-line during WWI, and WPC56 follows the experience of the first female police officer in her station in the 1940's (I believe). These are less mainstream, but they do feel VERY realistic. They are also very enjoyable so I highly recommend them. -AishaSaleh – AishaSaleh 7 years ago

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