Titus Andronicus and Revenge

This topic would need to illustrate how revenge is a thematic pattern in Titus Andronicus. In what ways do we see revenge continue on with its role? What literary devices help people understand that revenge is the concept/theme in the play? The topic can focus on Titus and Tamora being revengeful towards each other, and then give examples as to how revenge just turns into a pattern with no positive outcome.

  • This is fascinating, especially because although Titus was one of Shakespeare's earliest works, it was one of his most popular with Elizabethan audiences, and continues to be performed a lot today at every level of theatre. It'd be interesting to explore the changes Shakespeare made to the original Roman Revenge play that Titus is based off of, and other ancient intellectual lore certain characters are based off of. For example, Lavinia's rape mirrors that of Philomela, but the brothers take Lavinia's torture a step further than Philomela's and cut off her hands as well as her tongue, so she can't sew a tapestry as Philomela did. Also take a look at the ambiguity in the ending-- is the boy a sign of hope? a sign that the cycle will continue?--Sarah Noschese – SarahCarr 9 years ago

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