Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit in Literature and Film

Have the films helped or hindered the reception of Tolkien’s work?

  • This article should use many comparisons between novels and films. Also look at the growth of the fan base before and after. – Joseph Manduke IV 9 years ago
  • not only will most of this article rely on fans and how they felt about the movies, but also every day people: how well does the public understand Tolkien's work? do they realize the depth of each culture in the literature and even the religious symbolism Tolkien attempted to convey in it? and ultimately, did the films portray the Lord of the Rings well? – ANGarcia 9 years ago
  • There will be a difference to how fans of the books reacted to the movies and how the general public reacted to the movies. Also, this article might want to include something about how books are adapted into movies. There may have been some features of Tolkien's work that were easy to adapt and others that had to be left out (ex. there are lots of characters who were left out like Tom Bombadil). – S.A. Takacs 9 years ago
  • These comments are really helpful. I go back and forth in my own mind around the value of Jackson's films in representing Tolkien's world. In the end, I'm glad they were made but I just wonder if the imagery of the films trumps all other attempts to protray Middle-earth in visual art? – Jeff MacLeod 9 years ago

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