Top Ten Beautiful Voices in Cinema

AMC.com’s "The All-Time Top 100 Voices in the Movies" list begs for debate. It’s top ten is below. These are not the rubber-voiced talents of a Mel Blanc or Seth McFarlane whose faces don’t appear on screen. Nor are they the distinctive but (to many) annoying – pipes of a Melanie Griffith, Gilbert Gottfried, Rosie Perez, or Bobcat Goldthwaite. These are the actresses or actors whose dulcet voices are as memorable as any other part of their skill set.

What is it about their voices that sets them apart? Which cinematic performance is their most interesting and distinctive? Who would you add – say Valeria Golino, Ossie Davis (my favorite male voice), Gene Hackman, Marion Cotillard, or Bryan Cranston? – to the list? Who would you drop, if anyone, from the list? And, finally, what makes the voice of someone such as Holly Hunter (my favorite female voice) so attractive, while another’s voice misses the mark?

AMC.com’s "Top Ten Voices" list:

10. Peter Sellers
9. Holly Hunter
8. John Wayne
7. Al Pacino
6. Marilyn Monroe
5. Jack Nicholson
4. James Earl Jones
3. Christopher Walken
2. Orson Welles
1. Clint Eastwood

  • I think the Marilyn Monroe should have been the fourth instead of James Earl Jones just because I find her more passionating. – mmq2 7 years ago
  • What about Morgan Freeman -I adore his perfect tone and enunciation – ZBetts 7 years ago

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