Top Ten List of Writing Software

There are many software programs out there that help writers hone their craft. An article that lists which software is the best for grammar, editing, story boards, etc. Also include the associated cost of the program and its varying levels such as free to premium packages. Additionally, include free online writing and grammar sites such as Dailygrammar.com and Grammar Girl Podcasts.

  • There are also a bunch of text editors designed to minimize distractions, many of which are free. It would be interesting to see those covered too. – Harley 9 years ago
  • As a writer who might look into getting a writing software, I would love to see this written (unfortunately, I don't feel like I know enough about the topic to do it myself). – Nicole Williams 9 years ago
  • It might also be interesting to include things that aren't inherently effective, but may help others. To clarify, I use a mechanical keyboard as well as a program that has typewriter noises - it helps me focus - it might be interesting to include a small honorable mentions section at the end about programs where a writer's mileage may vary. – DullahanLi 9 years ago

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