Trends in Young Adult (YA) Books

Throughout the years, young-adult fiction has been a fascinating sub-genre of novels, ranging from sparkling vampires to dystopian worlds. In particular, the growing popularity of these books, and the recent trend of books-turned-movies has shot YA fiction into the spotlight. With popular series’ like “Twilight” and the “The Hunger Games,” there has been a surge of ‘copycat’ themes and styles arising, which has influenced the genre in many ways.

Starting from the origins of young, coming-of-age novels, like S.E. Hinton’s “The Outsiders,” where has the genre shifted, changed, and grown? How has the content of these novels altered and does that reflect a difference of perspective in modern times?

  • Oh, there's so much you can do with this topic... :) – Stephanie M. 6 years ago
  • I think it's important to talk about how the popularity of the movie adaptions of these books in turn also changed the focus of these works. (How the changes made in the production of the movie have since perpetuated similar shifts in the writing of new YA books based on the good reception of the movies) – PfD 6 years ago
  • Great topic. You can mention how the trends in YA Books influence in different generations: pre-teens, teenagers, young adults, and their parents. – sterlinajames 6 years ago
  • As an avid reader of YA, I would love to read something like this! Something that I think would be really interesting to discuss is the increasing popularisation of subgenres within YA, most notably Fantasy and dystopian Science Fiction. For some reason, I see people talk more about these kinds of books than the more realistic ones. I personally think that both of these kinds of YA novels have their merits but it'd be really interesting to see the author's take in this. – PhoebeLupton 6 years ago

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