True Art must be a Transformational Experience.

True Art must induce a sense of wonder and awe in both the artist and his/her creative process and the sensitive observer.

  • For the article itself, it might also be helpful to show the history of what different art periods found meaningful or transformational, as this is highly subjective for both the artist and the audience. – Emily Deibler 3 years ago
  • I think I agree but I look forward to seeing your argument. In any case, I'm interested in seeing the relationship between artist and audience explored. – proflong 3 years ago
  • This topic could sort of be merged with the one I saw about what is the difference between art and the artist @ louisemiolin. These could go hand in hand. – birdienumnum17 2 years ago
  • This kind of article would need to clearly define what is meant by 'transformational'. Without it, readers might be confused. – Samantha Leersen 2 years ago

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