TV vs Netflix

Everyone I know, excluding my old-school parents, have subscriptions to one or many subscription-based movie/TV show sites. Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc. They all seem to more or less run the world. It matters so much to us when they take down well-loved series or put up a hot, new movie. But how, if at all, is this effecting cable companies, and people who refuse to give up their commercial-ridden television? Will television become obsolete to Smart Televisions that do not use cable?

  • Interesting topic! It may benefit you to look more into the "old-school parents." There are several I'm sure who don't know what Netflix is, but I also know some people as old as my grandparents who have the entire Netflix, Hulu, and HBO package. Also, what is this doing to the rising generations who are growing up with total access to movies of all ratings rather than DVDs or VCRs? I hope to read about this in the future! – bellawick 5 years ago
  • I think it's really interesting how subscription services fall in line with what I would call customer-led consumption (?) these days. Let me explain - whereas in the past people have purchased services, we seem to be moving much more towards buying the basics and self-curating. We use self-service checkouts, we create our own music playlists, we choose our own TV and films at the times we want. How does this affect our relationship with companies as consumers? – Kayleigh Hall 5 years ago
  • This is an interesting topic I found and it deserves most of attention, there is great need to talk about this.But in my opinion, I have issues that why people feel more comfortable to pay money to Netflix and stuff life like, and on the other side they feel like wasting money if they have to pay little amount of money for newspaper, why this is always questionable that,"now we have to pay to know what's going in the world?" – dilpreetk99 5 years ago
  • Netflix gives actors a place to work. With so much CGI, Hollywood is forcing great movie actors and actresses to Netflix and TV. When movies actors or actresses come over to TV, it makes for great TV, including Netflix even if it's an additional cost. – Lava0083 5 years ago

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