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Vandread: The second Stage: They manage to stick the ending!

With the first Vandread you saw the possibility of there being a pretty good show that seemed to be confined by the story telling. Luckily the second season was able to look at the mistakes that were made in the first place and improve upon them greatly. The result is an ending that makes the series greater than it deserves to be.

Picking up after the first season, the crew makes their way back to their home planets while at the same time growing as characters. Which is good because a lack of growth would have been detrimental to the series as a whole.

The final battle really is the best part of the entire season. As the crew pleads to their planets for aid against the oncoming armada, they soon find help coming from out of the woodwork to be able to preserve their ways of life.

Only real problem with this series is that they introduce a Super Vandread robot and don’t take the time to use it properly. Good giant robots need to be showcased as much as possible.

Vandread is a good series overall but it takes a lot to get through the whole time. If your an anime watcher than can’t take a few bland moments in the beginning or in the first season overall then you’ll probably have to forget this one. If you can endure a few rough patches for a great ending then this is the series for you.

Rating: 4/5

  • Out of itnerest, is this a series that can be watched without a need to have seen season 1, or is it mroe advisable to watch the first season first? – mattdoylemedia 9 years ago
  • Kind of have to take it as a whole to appreciate the ending. That's the problem with the series overall, it basically has a 10 episode beginning where they drag their feet. – ajester 9 years ago

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