Watching A Film Alone vs With Company

With film being more accessible on personal devices such as laptops, tablets and phones, movies are just as likely to be viewed in solitude as with family or friends. How great would the impact of those around you be on the experience of watching a film?

  • One always has to take into consideration how others act and because of this, it's sometimes nice to watch television alone. I know some people who like to talk and ask (sometimes unnecessary) questions during a movie/show which is distracting and frustrating. Watching a show/movie with family is not always easy either because no one wants to watch the same thing and an argument potentially follows. – JennyCardinal 6 years ago
  • Film genres should also be considered. Comedies are typically enjoyed best with friends, while psychological thrillers may be best digested with solitude – Dominique Kollie 6 years ago
  • I'm inclined to argue that a plot driven work is proportionally more rewarding to watch with company, as you have the formal mechanisms of plot to engage with socially, discuss, whatever. More "character driven," perhaps dialogue heavy films, you're expected to turn your social faculties over to the characters. Here, company in watching it might not detract from the experience, but you're only immersed insofar as you're leaving your company behind. – TKing 6 years ago
  • I enjoy watching a thriller or intellectually heavy film with others where you're bouncing off theories amongst one another. When it comes to melodramas--such as emotional period pieces--I tend to become emotional, and therefore prefer to watch this particular genre of film alone. – danielle577 6 years ago

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