Web videos versus Television?

A lot of entertainment in this generation stems from the internet itself — with platforms such as Youtube, where companies release content on a monthly, weekly basis, do you find web videos competing with television? Furthermore, platforms such Netflix, HuluPlus and HBO Now virtually remove the need to capture the latest episodes of shows as they’re already streaming them in HD; will television shows in the future only be released through such platforms or do you believe they will always be aired on television?

  • I think it's important to consider the differences in types of web videos with this topic. For instances while shows like Netflix' House of Cards, Hulu's Deadbeat, and Amazon's Alpha House are all direct competitors to traditional Television models. But most "web series" shows such as Emma Approved even as good as they are can not fill the same niche as conventional television. Which isn't to say they have no value. The numerous shows that have started as web series and then been picked up can attest to that from simple clips like Black Jesus to mini shows like Broad City these shows have value. But the question on the table is do they compete with television. I believe the argument has to be considered for each of the two categories. Those designed to mimic TV shows and are just released on the web and those the have been created and designed to take advantage of the perspective of their web release format. There's a lot to be said about the push for full season releases (something I've never really been behind myself) and the recent push back against full season releases for a more metered release. And how these varying release schedules affect the viability of these web shows of both types. – wolfkin 9 years ago

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