What could happen with romantic entanglements in Star Wars 8/9?

There is a lot of chatter online (social media and news sites) about relationships and orientations in Star Wars The Force Awakens, and the later upcoming films. For example there is talk of chemistry between Finn and Poe, the more obvious heterosexual pairing of Finn and Rey, or even a poly relationship between the three. Is there a possibility for a gay/poly relationship, or are these options merely being dangled over hopeful fans? It is not the first time this has been done, if only considering the indulgent hints at Sherlock/Watson in BBC Sherlock.

An article can look at opinions online about possible pairings, and exploring other examples of dangling certain non-canon couples over the fans without committing to the relationship could provide interesting context. As can looking at the trend for fanfiction with non-canon couples. Also good to think what effects certain relationship choices could have over viewers, plot and social progression.

  • I think there's probably room for a gay relationship in Star Wars -- Poe for example, is an awesome and likeable character whose primary attributes are bravery, wit and awesome piloting. He displays absolutely no sexual or romantic leanings anywhere within Force Awaken's run time. Making him gay would be easy, contradict nothing pre-existing about the character and change nothing we like about him. He's a perfect candidate really, because up until now his sexuality has been left completely blank. I do hate that people keep pairing him with Finn, though. Not that Finn's sexuality is set in stone, or anything, but c'mon guys, can't two men still have a friendship without sexual overtones? I know that in some ways romantic relationships are inherently more interesting, but just because we should be moving toward a higher visibility of LGBTQ relationships, doesn't mean good old fashion friendship isn't a useful narrative device. – CrunchyEnglish 8 years ago
  • Agreed that I find it counter-intuitive that the chemistry between Finn and Poe is automatically seen as potential for a homosexual coupling. Can't men just be buddies on screen any more? Also, the writer of this should be careful not to fall into the trap of so many bloggers that the show 'dangles options over hopeful fans'. The whole issue people raise of 'bait' and the writer's intent to create it often creates mind-numbing discussion that treats sexuality as something far more black-and-white than we should be treating it in the modern world. Spring 2015's anime 'Hibike! Euphonium' was a prime example of this. At the very least, the other side of the coin should be also considered - how some fans can be desperate for and do anything they can to encourage non-canonical or non-conventional couplings. i.e. when it's the viewer's input more than the show's design that causes these couplings to become 'options'. Finn/Poe ought to be approached from this angle, IMO. – JekoJeko 8 years ago

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