What counts as representation in TV?

I am interested in writing about LGBTQA representation in TV and analyzing these representations in terms of stereotypes, their character development and their overall contribution to the story. I will discuss a few of the shows that I watch regularly from a variety of genres to see how LGBTQA characters are represented in different genres. I will also discuss shipping, queerbaiting, and response to LGBTQA characters.

  • Very interesting topic! I was thinking about what actually qualifies as queerbaiting the other day and would love to see that question explored, because I think the lines between queerbaiting, having a token gay character, and simply casual representation are kind of blurred. And do you want to focus solely on TV, or maybe expand that a bit to LGBTQA representation in general popular culture? I was thinking of Welcome to Night Vale (podcast), which has a huge fandom right now and features very healthy sexuality and gender representation. – OneLittleLaurie 7 years ago

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