What creating an 'Anthology' series really means for Star Wars

With the success of Rogue One and the several other stand alone films that Disney has planned to release with the famous brand, explain how this decision changes the way that we look at Star Wars’ film legacy. Does it change? If so how? What does this mean for die hard fans of the series?

  • I think an important element of this discussion would be defining what makes a Star Wars film as opposed to other space stories. – C8lin 6 months ago
  • It's also important to note that Star Wars has so much lore. Be that through the novels, comics etc. the franchise itself already has a huge knowledge base and anthology-like feel. This knowledge just isn't something the general public makes themselves aware of – Nicole Sojkowski 6 months ago
Taken by Vidal Chavez (PM) 1 month ago.

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