What do you want from a new Bioshock game?

Bioshock was a revered and renown franchise but except for a remaster of the original 3 games, the series has been quiet since Irrational games closed. With the recent announcement of a secret new Bioshock project called "parkside", there is a chance we will see a new game from the series. What do you want to see out of a new Bioshock game? What new setting would fit a new game? What mechanics would you want to see?

  • I would like a new Bioshock game in the vein of the original. Arkane has shown that the immersive sim genre is not entirely dead in the AAA sphere with Dishonored and Prey. The immersive sim is such a unique genre that could really benefit from having more developers involved in it. The two main things I hope for are pretty cynical but I think they're important. One is that I hope 2K doesn't continue with the AAA trend of nickel & diming players at every turn. I've been pretty burnt out on the AAA scene due to excessive mircotransactions, lootboxes, and game design trends that are meant to get as much time and money from the players as possible. I don't have faith in 2K to no do this, however. The second thing is that I hope the developers learn from Bioshock: Infinite. That game failed on so many levels I'm baffled it got any praise. From its design to its story to its themes, everything about Infinite was a step back from the original. Arkane may not make the greatest immersive sims, but they are good examples of how to make that sort of game in the modern AAA sphere. – Scott Dewalt 6 years ago

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