What has gone wrong with season 2 of True Detective?

Being unable to replace actors of the calibre of Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey? A mystery somewhat lacking in the pervasive "yellow king/carcosa" mythos? The (rumoured) fallout between showrunner Nic Pizzolatto and star director of all of season one, Cary Fukunaga.

  • I think we should not completely pass judgement on the season until it has finished, but I agree that it does not have the power that the first season had. I think it is a mixture of too much exposition of characters, rather than actual real plot development. Boring cinematography. Granted the shoot out scene was sort of impressive, but was really just another detour towards a dead end for the plot to take, rather than the bridge that was the long shot of Season 1. All in all, I think this is a great idea, but should wait until the season is finished to see if it can redeem itself. – Matthew Sims 7 years ago
  • I have only watched the first couple of episodes, but to me it seems that season 2 is lacking in its focus compared to season one. Also it seems that the first season reached such a high appeal that to do it all again seems nearly impossible, comparisons to the first season are unavoidable and as such makes it much harder for the season to stand on its own. – Tyler McPherson 7 years ago

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