What is mainstream media's relationship to internet memes and trends?

As the 2000’s and 2010’s generations continue to use the internet, giving new meanings to old memes and creating new trends, mainstream media also continues its quest to keep up and riff off our ever-changing, interconnected world. As things stand, most mainstream movies and tv shows for example, haven’t been able to catch on to new trends fast enough for them to be relevant, and if they have, it seems that they’re several years behind. What I’m wondering is, what would happen if/when mainstream media catches up and starts employing more people who have been chronically on the internet since they were young? Would we lose the kind of subversive, critical thinking that exists in the gap between what is mainstream and the (more or less) free range content we see every day on social media? If we start to see the heavily ironic jokes we see on tiktok (for example) in mainstream media today, does it change their meaning, and is the medium really still the message?

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