What is the importance of video games as a modern artistic medium?

People have boasted about the power of fiction and movies in modern culture as a way to teach and inform people about important issues of the past, present and future. Can video games do the same? And if so, are video games seen as less of an art form in the public eye as opposed to movies or literature?

  • I don't think that video games have the same stigma attached to them that they once did. The gaming industry has evolved to the point where even non-gamers are beginning to recognize it as a "legitimate" medium of entertainment. The industry isn't what it used to be, and profits will show that. Especially considering the way games integrate diverse audiences nowadays. The Wii, for example, boasts its family-friendly games, like Mario Party. The Kinect dance games are good for parties and families, too. Think about mobile games also--a "gamer" might not consider Candy Crush a real game, but that's what it is. Games are so different from what they used to be that a large amount of people who play them wouldn't consider themselves "gamers," yet they too appreciate what the industry has to offer. I could go on and on about this. I think it's a good topic. – Christina Legler 8 years ago
  • People take video games much more seriously nowadays and I think that their status is still in the making (ex: the appearance of female characters is still being debated and changing). You could take a look at Nancy Drew interactive games. They show gamers the consequences of their actions and they are educational. I think role-playing video games in general are a good way to help people realize important issues because they are in a character's mind and take things personally. – JennyCardinal 8 years ago
  • The question "are games art?" is still highly debated to this day. Would be very interesting to get the perspective of non-gamers. – MrMuffin 8 years ago

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